Flavor Talk: Graham Cracker Showdown (TFA/FW/CAP/FLV)

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TFA Graham Cracker (Clear)

TFA Graham Cracker Clear’s full analysis is in the FlavorBook for members who want a more in-depth look. This flavoring to me is such a great, versatile, flavoring, but not the best graham cracker. It contains this very vague and nondescript bakery aspect to it, wrapped in brown sugar and caramel, that works so well in so many situations. It helps boost bakeries, adds caramel to fruits and desserts, as well as give dairies a malt to them. I don’t recommend it as a solo because it doesn’t have much going on and lacks on texture. Though, if you need a nice bakery enhancer, this is usually my go-to.

FW Graham Cracker

This is another flavoring that has made it over to the FlavorBook. This shares a lot with TFA’s Graham Cracker, but in my opinion, contains much more presence and accuracy towards a true plain graham cracker. I also get a touch of spice on the end that helps it separate it further from TFA’s offering. Actually, it’s just a better overall graham cracker compared to TFA’s. One thing I especially enjoy is how much more cookie there is to the flavor. While texture is still light, its more present than in TFA. If you need just a graham cracker, this is it.

CAP Graham Cracker

This flavoring is probably the most unique out of the bunch. What makes this graham cracker so different is the amount of cinnamon sugar present in this flavoring. While I’m not the biggest cinnamon fan, CAP does layer it in quite nicely. This makes for a great versatile cinnamon bakery that can absolutely add some depth to your fall recipes. This also doesn’t contain the texture I’m looking for, but much more than all the others mainly due to the grit I feel from the cinnamon sugar. If you need some cinnamon in your bakery, this is the one to choose.

FLV Graham Cracker

This is the newest flavoring in the group. I think this flavoring is much closer to FW’s graham than any others, though it does contain enough nuance to be considered unique. There’s a specific type of vibe this graham gives off, almost like a home-baked graham cracker. There’s also a touch of vanilla on the end and the lightest touch of clove. One issue I have with it is fading. It doesn’t seem to hold up as well as it does when you first mix with it. So make sure to account for it. Overall choosing between this and FW really only applies to the specific type of recipe you’re building and your personal preference. They’re both great.



  1. Gotta have my Fw Graham cracker,Love this stuff and add it to so much,This combined in a banana recipe or Cap sweet strawberry recipe is the bomb.

  2. Nice run down!

    Cap Graham V1 has been my go to for a long while. Easy to use, the cinnamon sugar notes typically pair well with what I get myself up to, and it doesn’t normally run over the top of any subtleties I’m trying to slip into the vape..

    I’ve been absolutely in love with the FLV Graham Cracker since I got it in. It’s closer to a Nilla Wafer than a graham cracker to me. I think the fading is easy enough to account for, 1% for a note, 1.5% for a more present flavor and texture in your vape.

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