Let’s Mix: Swedish Fishes (Simple DIY E-liquid Candy Recipe)

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Swedish Fishes

CAP27 Fish7%
FAJuicy Strawberry1.5%
TFAVanilla Swirl1%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

Flavor Notes:

CAP 27 Fish: This is the main ingredient of the mix. Because of how accurate it is towards Swedish Fish, there’s no need to really tamper with it, or influence it much in any way. Though, it’s a bit soft, and could use some help in certain areas, pumping it up to 7% will give us most of what we need. At that concentration the flavoring is nice and bright, but most importantly, chewy! That bit of texture is what will sell the authenticity of the recipe

FA Juicy Strawberry: We want a bit more “juiciness” in the recipe, so what we do is just add a nice fresh, juicy strawberry flavoring to the mix. FA’s newest strawberry has been my go-to lately for those situations. We don’t need much, and like I mentioned previously, we don’t want to influence the 27 Fish too much, so using a small concentration of only 1.5% will get us what we need. And that’s the bright strawberry juiciness.

TFA Vanilla Swirl: Lastly, we want to add a touch more chew to the flavoring. That extra bit of texture will make the recipe a lot more “real” and accurate to the original flavor. Vanilla always helps with that, and we need a lighter vanilla to not lend too much flavor. Just it’s fluffiness. So I’m using TFA Vanilla Swirl here at only 1% to emulate that

CAP Super Sweet: While sweetener is often optional, in many candy recipes, it’s a must. It really brings out the level of sweetness necessary to emulate the original source material. Here, 0.5% is enough to make the recipe more sweet, more bright, and most importantly, more saturated with flavor.




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