The DIYorDIE Show: Ep. 1 – Make America Vape Again

Welcome to the brand new DIYorDIE Show! This is a new variety show that will air every Wednesday at 5pm EST. The show’s segments include new products, such as flavorings or hardware. My favorite recipes and flavorings of the week will be discussed. I will also answer viewer questions, emails, and even phone calls! I will have guests on, and this week I brought on Alfred Pudding to talk about some of his favorite flavor trinity’s. And finally we dive into news and advocacy towards the end of the segment, all just to name a few. I hope you enjoy it.  Continue Reading

FlavourArt’s Custard Premium is GOLD (Hard to Get, Yet Very Valuable)

The much hyped, hard to obtain, FlavourArt Premium Custard, has finally made its way from the UK to the DIYorDIE HQ. Is this flavoring worth the trouble of hunting down? Find out what I think about this flavoring, some great recipes to use it with, and how I was able to get it. Continue Reading

Wayne Mixes Accurate Cheesecake Thanks to INW! [ Highlights: Live Mixing: DIYorDIE 2.0 ]

Yes, We Can In this highlight, we take a look at the recipe Wayne mixed up on Live Mixing last friday. It utilizes the semi-new INW Yes, We Cheesecake, and blends it with traditional strawberry cheesecake flavorings. But thanks to… Continue Reading