FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Flavor Profile: I’ve used and wrote about this flavoring countless times, but now, finally, I’ve decided to make a full analysis. Of course, we start with its flavor. FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a rich, decadent, dairy flavor, that has a light nuttiness and a light butter note that gives it its distinct flavor. In terms of accuracy, it’s quite similar to a fresh scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Meaning, VBIC normally has a certain type of brightness… Continue Reading

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Making Brown Butter by Shyndo (DIY E-liquid Research)

Beginnings This is going to be an exploration into the process of chasing a flavor profile. Will we get there? That is up to you to decide. The path to nailing a recipe can be fraught with mistakes, missteps, vaper’s tongue, mental fatigue, and frustration. Overall I went through about eleven unique iterations of this recipe and something around fourteen recipe adjustments of those iterations. This is what is commonly known as a white whale in the mixing community. This… Continue Reading

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Pebble Cream Bronuts

Sweet Fruity Pebbles Sprinkled on Vanilla Ice Cream Slopped onto a Glazed Doughnut   This was a recipe that was created on Live Mixing 1/13/17. The recipe came out of thin air, really only being put together for its weird flavor profiles,… Continue Reading

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Flavor Profile: This is one of the most used and most popular flavorings in existence. The popular recipe Mustard Milk made by Fizzmustard was one of the first recipes to bring a huge following to this flavor. This simple two ingredient recipe allowed most of the DIY community to see the full potential of this flavoring and utilize it to the fullest. Now this recipe wasn’t the first to use TFA VBIC, nor was it the first recipe to use it… Continue Reading

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