HS Tab Blended

Hangsen’s Tab Blended is an interesting “impressionist” flavoring that seems to be an RY4 without the RY. Is it any good though?

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TFA RY4 Double

Flavor Profile: This flavoring is awesome, and has quickly found itself in my ADV’s after finding out exactly how to use it. The flavor of RY4 is interesting. The Ruyan Scale measure the level of tobacco in a flavoring. From RY1 being the more heavily tobacco based, up to RY4 which is less tobacco based and… Continue Reading

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Some RY4’s For You

I love RY4 flavors. There’s something about the flavor profile that really hits the spot. I think it’s the delicious combination between the rich soft caramel and brown sugar, light vanilla, inherent sweetness, and that touch of tobacco on the end. In vaping, that flavor profile tick all the right boxes for me. My PRY4-U… Continue Reading

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TFA Brown Sugar Extra

TFA Brown Sugar is one of the flavorings that people have been using since day one. One of the most popular ingredients in mixing easily. If you’re a new mixer, just put it in your cart because there will be a recipe you’ll want to mix that has this in there. But is it warranted?… Continue Reading

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FW Butterscotch Ripple

FW Butterscotch Ripple is my favorite butterscotch to date. Is it because it tastes exactly like a thick soft crack butterscotch? No. Is it because it has the flavor of reminiscent of a butterscotch ice cream? No. It’s because I can actually use it without giving my recipes that “alcoholic” astringent flavor that often comes… Continue Reading

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     Creamy, Caramel, Sweet, Rich, Light Tobacco, with Cookie NotesFinally after sometime of searching for this flavor I think I’ve finally (well not me really) found the secret ingredient. One of my friends told me (Thanks Matt) about his introduction… Continue Reading