Unicorn by Naked REMIX v.1 – DIY E-liquid Recipes

This is a recipe that I basically stumbled across. I just had some Unicorn by Naked a few weeks ago. I remember thinking to myself “why do all these companies use CAP Strawberries and Cream in their Strawberry and Creams?”.… Continue Reading

Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Sweet Strawberry Syrup

BRANDFLAVORING%JFStrawberry Sweet3%CAPVanilla Bean Ice Cream6%CAP Vanilla Custard1%FWYellow Cake2.5% Ethyl Maltol (Cotton Candy)1.5%MIX AT60VG40PGSTEEPMEDIUM1 WEEK     Sweet and Light Vanilla Ice Cream topped with a Sugary and Sweet Strawberry Syrup   Flavor Notes: JF (ECX) Strawberry Sweet: This flavoring is brand spanking new. Manson on InTheMix raved… Continue Reading