Should You Leave Your Steep Alone? Or Can You Vape Through a Steep?

In this video and article, I try to find out if its best to mix your ejuice and avoid touching it for its entire steep, or if its ok to vape from your e-liquid while it steeps. The answer may surprise you! Check it out here. Continue Reading

Deep Steep

¬† ¬† ¬†Steeping is to DIY e-liquid mixing as Donald Trump is to bad press. The two are inseparable and there’s no getting away from it any time soon. One thing that’s great about commercial e-liquid is that the flavorings are already steeped for you (for the most part). The e-liquid within the bottles sit in shipping, then in distribution, then in inventory, and then on shelves, waiting for your purchase to finally crack them open and release their aged… Continue Reading

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Seed Steeping – Results Pt. 2

This was one of the more difficult results to put into writing. There is indisputable evidence that there is a difference in flavor between “Seed Steeping” and traditional means, but quantifying and putting the results in writing has proven to be quite challenging. I wish there was a definitive answer on whether you should or should not seed steep, but with the results that I have now, I’m not sure I can make such claims. What I will do is… Continue Reading

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Seed Steeping – Research Pt. 1

During Live Mixing I was introduced to a steeping method called “Seed Steeping.” This was a technique I was unaware of before and immediately skeptical of. I’ve tried all of the other speed steeping methods before and have never really noticed any big or substantial changes in my eliquid, nor have they effectively given me an experience comparable to what regular ol’ time steeping can give. It just seems as if nothing can emulate the effects of time on your… Continue Reading

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