Let’s Mix: Milk Plus by Bonzai Vapors #REMIXMONTH (DIY E-liquid Clone)

https://youtu.be/cbSuagCLT-U Milk Plus by Bonzai VaporsProfile Notes:This eliquid is actually pretty tasty. It’s very subtle and light, which for some, will be a turn off. For some reason, they didn’t go as far as to fill out the body of… Continue Reading

Three Quick Flavor Matching Tips #REMIXMONTH

One of the most difficult aspects of remixing is matching up flavors. It’s most of what the cloning process entails, though not all of it. That said, it’s probably one of the most important. I wanted to quickly go over some helpful tips in matching flavors so you all can go out there and tackle some of your favorite juices. Simples The first tip is the easiest. Try and figure out what profiles are in the juice you’re trying to… Continue Reading

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Suicide Bunny: Derailed REMIX by TheJuiceFairy #REMIXMONTH

Derailed Remix (Suicide Bunny) by TheJuiceFairyBRANDFLAVORING%TFABanana Cream5%FWButterscotch0.5%CAPCinnamon Danish Swirl3%TFAMeringue2%TFARice Crunchies0.5%TFAVanilla Custard5%MIX AT70VG30PGSTEEPLong2 Wks    CLICK HEREfor allTheJuiceFairy’s Recipes  


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKNebUgZP78 Flavor NotesThe first I want to state is that a mixer that goes by GWANDREI put up his recipe on the DIYorDIE Mixer’s Collective before this one. He claimed it was damn close, so I immediately mixed it up.… Continue Reading