Flavor Talk: Lemon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE1PUOmrEGc LemonLemon is a profile that EVERY mixer needs to add to their repertoires. Even if you don’t like the flavor of lemon. It’s one of the most versatile ingredients out there, and the amount of awesome qualities it can… Continue Reading

Pie Crust Cheat Sheet

Pies have been a staple in eliquid since its inception. From the tradition all American apple pies all the way to the more niche and interesting “Crack” pie. It’s a flavor profile that many people love to vape. And for good reason. The pie is a profile that incorporates so many different layers and textures within its body, and each of those layers perfectly complement each other. The layers usually include the rich and flavorful filling, whether it be a… Continue Reading

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The Holidays with Rage

  Fall/Holiday Seasonal Flavors Happy ‘Non-Judgmental Trading Of Vegan Presents That Help You Cross-fit Better’ day everyone, or whatever bastardized version of Christmas you celebrate. I know its a busy time of year for everyone whether you’re taking your children trick or treating at the mall, or gathering with your family for Thanksgiving and pretending you all still love each other. It’s that rare time of the year where you can go to the store, buy a $3 carton of… Continue Reading

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CAP Lemon Meringue Pie

Flavor Profile: Capella does one thing better than any other flavoring, and I truly believe this. But Capella creates full profiles much better than any company out there. So many of CAP’s flavors encompass hugely complex flavor notes, but are easily mixed with and that’s a huge plus in my book. CAP Lemon Meringue Pie is no exception. This is a flavoring that has such depth and there’s so much within it, yet it’s simple enough to understand the flavor… Continue Reading

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