MixTips: Breaking Down Placid (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

  Placid by Adirondack Vapor’s, which you can get here by clicking the link, is an eliquid that has garnered tons of attention throughout its history. Adirondack is a company that is revered by many in the community, most notably… Continue Reading

TFA Pear Candy

Flavor Profile: Pear is a difficult flavoring. It’s extremely light in all areas, and the flavor profile itself is subdued and subtle. Everything about the pear is nuance. Its flavor isn’t one that smashes into your face and leaves you feeling light headed. It’s all a dance, where each note is hidden under a light sheet of sweetness. TFA Pear Candy seems like it’s the more artificial version of the pear. Take all the nuance and airiness out of the flavor,… Continue Reading

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FW Green Apple

Flavor Profile: It’s the fall season, apples are being harvested, and apple recipes are being made all around the country. FW Green Apple is one of the better apple flavorings that are available on the market. Now there are two different Green Apples that FW creates. Natural Green Apple and Green Apple. I’m talking about Green Apple. So with this flavoring, I’m very happy with the flavor that I get from it. With a taste test, this stuff tastes exactly like… Continue Reading

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