TFA Peanut Butter

Crunchy, rough, gritty, and fucking delicious. This has always been my go to for peanut butter flavors. The other’s simply don’t compare (for now, FLV’s offering has been impressive). This peanut butter closely mimics the flavor of an all natural peanut butter from Skippy. The texture is really what makes me smile, and the fact that you almost get that “stuck to the roof of your mouth” type feeling that creates an authenticity that’s out of this world. Now the flavor… Continue Reading

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BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONTFAPeanut Butter8%TFABavarian Cream2%TFAGraham Cracker3%TFABrown Sugar Extra1%FWHazelnut1%FACaramel1%FATorrone0.25%MIX AT 70VG // 30PGSTEEP TIME: SHORT (OVERNIGHT)PREFERRED TEMP: 450F (230C – 235C)(OPTIONAL)For a great PB & B Variation /u/Crosstown_rebel posted his versionCheck it out here A Creamy and Nutty Peanut Butter with CaramelThis recipe… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONTFAPeanut Butter6%TFABanana Nut Bread5%TFAVanilla Swirl1%TFABrown Sugar Extra0.5%CAPVanilla Custard (v1 or v2)2%FACookie1.5%FACaramel0.5%FAAlmond0.5%TFAAcetyl Pyrazine (5%)0.5%MIX AT 70VG // 30PGSTEEP TIME: LONG (1 WEEK)PREFERRED TEMP: 450F  THE FIRETRAILS: A Complex Peanut Butter and Banana CookieThis recipe is a delicious display of rich banana, brown sugar,… Continue Reading