FA Royal Orange

FlavourArt’s Royal Orange, a relatively newer ingredient from them, is one excellent orange ingredient with great flavor and versatility. Check out the full analysis here.

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FA Blood Orange

Flavor Profile: One of my all-time favorite oranges comes from FA, and it’s their FA Mandarin. It’s a beautiful flavor that’s pleasantly sweet and charming, as well as accurate. I was hoping that FA Blood Orange would be a more “deep” blood orange variant. While it’s a good flavoring, it’s a bit similar, meaning it’s a bit inaccurate. So let’s talk about what’s wrong with the flavoring first. To me, it’s more of just a regular orange flavor. Almost clementine… Continue Reading

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WF Orange Juice

Testing Setup: Tested at 6% / Narda RDA / single coil / 24AWG / 40w / 0.6ohms / 2 weeks steep Story: Normally an orange flavour usually focuses on a specific orange profile. They are usually based on a certain play off the orange whether it’s an authentic orange, a juicy orange, blood orange, the orange rind, orange cream or the segments inside a mandarin orange. So, I was excited to try a different offering in the form of orange juice… Continue Reading

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FA Mandarin

One of Flavourart’s best in my opinion. It’s simple, sweet, complex, and extremely authentic. Orange, clementine, mandarin all have really specific flavor pairings. Not only are they acidic and citrusy, but they also have a unique flavor that accompanies them. It’s the reason you don’t see orange in tons of recipes. The balance of acid, and whatever you’re missing is tough to nail down. And then add the subtle flavor from orange and you have yourself a difficult flavor to… Continue Reading

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FA Orange

So, Flavourart as we can see have done very well with their Mandarin flavoring. But they really dropped the ball with their original Orange flavor. Or at least, that’s what it seems like. I say this because the flavor of an authentic orange is really light and really linear that it’s hard to gauge through vapor. I’ve used this ingredient only really when I need to thicken up FA Mandarin, and nothing else. And that’s really all I can recommend… Continue Reading

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FW Blood Orange

FW Blood Orange was a flavor that kind of took me by surprise. It’s ruby flavor really stood out and gave this flavor a quality I wasn’t expecting. As I’ve been saying, FW really does have some killer flavors and Blood Orange is no exception. The best aspect of this flavor is it’s accuracy to Blood Orange and how you can really tell between a regular orange and it’s blood variant. This orange flavor really deserves your attention and just… Continue Reading

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BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONFAMandarin3.5%FAOrange1.5%FAFresh Cream1%FAVienna Cream2%FWVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%TFAVanilla Swirl2%(OPTIONAL) MTS Wizard: 1 drop per 15ml(OPTIONAL) TFA Koolada to tasteMIX AT MAX VGSHAKE AND VAPE CERTIFIED    ‘Sicle: An Orange Creamsicle Bar that is Heavy on the Vanilla Ice CreamThis is a very delicious Orange… Continue Reading