No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 13 – PoE 3.0 is a huge expansion; Is Gaming Community TOXIC?; Youtube Drama

THE WORST In this episode of No Life Gaming Show, we talk about how awesome and difficult Nioh is, how the new Path of Exile expansion is awesome and difficult, a ton of gaming news with a new tech news… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 12 – Fortnite; Dean Hall Needs to Finish a Game; RX Vega

FORTITUDE In this episode the crew chat about Epic’s new early access game, Fortnite, we dive into why Dean Hall needs to stop making early access games and finish one, and we look at the new RX Vega benches. We… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 9 – Sorry PETA, SGDQ 2017 Was a SUCCESS! ; 2017 Macbook 15″ Impression

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No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 5 – Will e3 2017 impress; Intel i9 vs Linus; Has Apple Lost its Edge?

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NoLife Gaming Show: Ep. 4 – Arms looks promising; Intel i9 16 core CPU; Are Delays Good?

RIPPIN THEM THREADS In this episode of NoLife Gaming, we’re playing Injustice 2, the Arms Demo, Vanquish Remake, & the new CS:GO Operation.We also get into a ton of news like the new Intel i9 CPU’s that reach up to… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 02 – Wayne Hate’s PUBG; Prey is Boring; Little Nightmares is amazing

BIG WORDS! In this episode we talk about Immortal Redneck, How Vega looks disappointing so far, The Loot Crate system being changed, How Wayne hates Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, How Prey’s enemies are boring, and how Little Nightmares is a great… Continue Reading