No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 17 – Destiny 2 Got BORING!; Camp Santo Made a Bad Move

Bad Moves In this episode we talk about Divinity 2: Original Sin, how Destiny 2 got boring and lacks depth, a ton of gaming news, and we dive into how Youtube granted Campo Santo with their copyright strike against Pewdiepie.… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 15 – Destiny 2 Feels GREAT; Madden Longshot is TRASH; Game Journalists DEBATE

BEEP-O In this episode of the No Life Gaming Show, we take a look at the cringey Life is Strange: Before the Storm, we talk about how Madden 18’s Longshot mode is a JOKE, we talk about how good Destiny… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 14 – Sonic Mania is DOPE; AMD Price MAKES NO SENSE

AMD WTF In this episode the gang look at Sonic Mania, talk about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and look at West of Loathing. We also dive into the Google Memo that has been taking the tech world by storm, as well… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 13 – PoE 3.0 is a huge expansion; Is Gaming Community TOXIC?; Youtube Drama

THE WORST In this episode of No Life Gaming Show, we talk about how awesome and difficult Nioh is, how the new Path of Exile expansion is awesome and difficult, a ton of gaming news with a new tech news… Continue Reading

No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 9 – Sorry PETA, SGDQ 2017 Was a SUCCESS! ; 2017 Macbook 15″ Impression

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