Champagne DIY e-Liquid Tips – Let’s Make a Toast!

It’s almost time to crack open that bottle of bubbly and celebrate the New Year. So don’t start 2020 off on a bad foot, by vaping something that doesn’t pair with your NYE beverage. Learn to make CHAMPAGNE!

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Super Shaker – Can You “Overshake” E-liquid?

I’ve always wondered if “overshaking” was a thing. I never had any concrete proof…until now. Check out my overshaking experiment, and its results here.

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Identifying Harshness

Have you experienced harshness in your recipes, but can’t identify what the problem is? This article aims to help you identify them, & give you your answers.

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A Little More Pop – DIY E-liquid Tips

“I need a little more ‘pop’ to my recipe. What can we do?” This is a question I get from clients and mixers all the time. Well, now I aim to answer it.

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Variance – Why Does My ADV Taste Different This Time?

Have you ever mixed up your ADV, something you’ve vaped thousands of times before, but this time, it tastes…off? Well, check out why that happens, and how to fix it here.

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The Most Easy & Accurate Cheesecake Base

I’m a huge Cheesecake fan. In vaping, the sentiment still holds true. So it’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of cheesecake e-liquids, and have even developed a bunch of my own. So I’m happy to announce I’ve figured out the easiest, most accurate way to replicate a cheesecake. It only involves… Continue Reading

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How to Use Acetyl Pyrazine (AP) in DIY E-liquid Mixing

In this article, I tell you how to use Acetyl Pyrazine, or AP for short, in a myriad of different profiles. From cookies and cakes, to nuts and tobaccos, AP has a niche use that can add some much needed authenticity to your recipes. Click here to find out more.

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5 Simple Tips for Substituting Flavors

In this article, I go over why substituting flavorings is not really a good idea, but sometimes how it might be necessary. I talk about times when you should and when you shouldn’t sub out flavors, and then I give you 5 simple tips to remember when choosing flavorings to sub out. Click here to see more. Continue Reading

Creamstones – Creamy DIY E-liquid Bases

Here’s an article that gives you 7 different “Cream” Stones meant to be used in your DIY E-liquid Recipes. From Milkstones, to Cheesecakestones, to Ice Cream Stones, I cover all the most popular creamy profiles to help make your DIY mixing much easier. Continue Reading