Chocolate Milkshakes: A Creamy Chocolate Milkshake (REVISED)

    Chocolate Milkshakes An easy to vape and wildly addicting, rich & creamy Chocolate Milkshake. No complexities, no layers, no thinking. Just a deliciously smooth malt milkshake, blended with a creamy milk chocolate, and topped with a touch of vanilla whipped… Continue Reading

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Flavor Profile: This is one of the most used and most popular flavorings in existence. The popular recipe Mustard Milk made by Fizzmustard was one of the first recipes to bring a huge following to this flavor. This simple two ingredient recipe allowed most of the DIY community to see the full potential of this flavoring… Continue Reading

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Let’s Mix: Crooks & Creams (An Oreo DIY Ejuice Recipe)

 This recipe was one that took a very long time to develop. The problem I ran into the most was getting the right texture out of the chocolate, while also making sure the sweet cream filling still was prominent…AND distinguishable… Continue Reading

TFA Berry Crunch

SOLO: 5 – 6% MIXED: 3 – 5% Flavor Profile: Berry Crunch is TFA’s take on a popular “children’s” cereal, the Crunch Berry. What are Crunch Berries? Well the first thing that comes to mind is texture, milk, and massive amounts of sugar. TFA only really hits one of them in this flavor, and that’s… Continue Reading

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The Real: Strawberry Cheesecake (REREREMIIXXXX)

BRANDFLAVORING%CAPNew York Cheesecake6%CAPSweet Cream1%CAPSweet Strawberry2%TFAStrawberry (RIPE)3%TFAGraham Cracker (Clear)1.5% Sucralose (Sweetener)1.5%MIX AT(MAX VG) or 70VG30PGSTEEPSHORTSHAKE & VAPE AUTHENTIC NY VANILLA BEAN CHEESECAKE WITH SWEET STRAWBERRY SYRUP AND EXTRA GRAHAM COOKIE CRUST The Real is an ejuice company who’s main focus is overly sweet… Continue Reading

TFA Malted Milk

Cereals and dairies are some of my favorite recipes to mix up. I just love the way dairy flows easily in and out of the mouth and the sweetness that comes with is gentle and pleasing. Yes I did just describe my dairies that way. When working with cereals and creams you look for many… Continue Reading

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CAP Sweet Cream

Now CAP’s sweet cream is somewhat of a newer flavor that’s been released. It’s had some attention thanks to the absolutely wonderful and magnificent Cuttwood “leak” that has been released /sarcasm. The recipe doesn’t really do this flavor any justice and I feel TFA’s offering is often the more popular choice. And honestly it should… Continue Reading

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Cereal Marshmallow Strawberry Milk (DIY Ejuice Recipe)

Sugary and Sweet Cereal Marshmallows sitting in a nice rich bowl of Strawberry MilkThis recipe has been in the works for quite sometime now. The first time I started to chase this flavor profile was when I first released Cereal… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONFAMeringue2%FAFresh Cream0.5%FACaramel2%FWYellow Cake1%FWHazelnut1%TFABanana Cream1%TFAStrawberry Ripe3%TFABrown Sugar Extra0.75%TFAGraham Cracker (Clear)1.25%ADD Ethyl Maltol at 1% for more “sugar” or Acetyl Pyrazine at 1% for more “cereal”MIX AT 70VG // 30PGSTEEP TIME: LONG (1 WEEK MINIMUM)  The Sugary and Sweet Milk from the Bottom… Continue Reading