TFA Dragonfruit

Flavor Profile: Dragonfruit is another one of those immensely popular flavorings that caught on because of specific recipes. Most DIYer’s who’ve bought TFA Dragonfruit did so not for the dragonfruit flavor, but more for the effects and accents that come with… Continue Reading

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CAP Honeydew Melon

Working on my HoneyDEWWEY recipe I was able to play around with a lot of Honeydew flavorings. There aren’t many, but the few I did play with did impress me. This flavoring is pretty damn good. Now the ingredient has a… Continue Reading

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Honeydew Bubble Tea: A Dewwey Boba REMIX

HoneyDEWWEY: A Boba Remix by ENYAWREKLAW View Mix % Vendor Flavor 3% (TPA) Honeydew 3% (CAP) Cantaloupe 2% (FA) Cream Whipped 2% (TPA) Cotton Candy (circus) Recipe hosted at All The Flavors Sweet, pleasant, Honeydew with a touch of Cantaloupe… Continue Reading