Cactus & Quince

These two flavorings are a fruit-head’s NECESSITY. The amount of fun you can have by mixing with the two has no bounds. Quince is a tropical style, pear-apple like, banana like, fruit that can change your fruits from traditional to… Continue Reading

(INW) Cactus

Flavor Profile: This is a good one. Inawera's Cactus is a flavoring that many mixers speak volumes about. The flavor is odd, but in the best way possible. Imagine the pulp of a sweet juicy cactus with some simple syrup, and… Continue Reading

(INW) Waffle

Flavor Profile: This is a flavour that gets straight to the point. It’s an unpretentious & authentic toasted waffle that delivers on it’s namesake. It also has elements of waffle-cone like you might find in an “artisan” ice-cream store, and could… Continue Reading