Extracted: Ep. 2.1 – Quick Testing (Advanced DIY Tips/Techniques)

To listen press play What’s in this episode? In this episode, Extracted Season 2 returns! I talk about how to effectively test flavorings for your recipes when you have a short deadline!   Music Played Manson & Method Chuki: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic If you like Extracted and want to support the show as well as all the other… Continue Reading

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No Life Gaming Show: Ep. 15 – Destiny 2 Feels GREAT; Madden Longshot is TRASH; Game Journalists DEBATE

BEEP-O In this episode of the No Life Gaming Show, we take a look at the cringey Life is Strange: Before the Storm, we talk about how Madden 18’s Longshot mode is a JOKE, we talk about how good Destiny… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 14 – Waffles / Pancakes (DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes)

The WAFF In this episode of Noted they go over the best Waffle/Pancake flavorings and the best recipes that highlight them Flavorings Mentioned: TFA Waffle TFA Belgian Waffle CAP Waffle INW Waffle FLV WTF-Awful SA Waffle SA Pancake TFA Pancake… Continue Reading

Noted: Ep. 13 – Frosting / Icing (ft. Thadentman)

Frosted Up In this episode the gang look at Frosting/Icing flavorings to help ice your bakeries and add to your desserts Flavorings Mentioned: CAP Vanillla Cupcake TFA Vanilla Cupcake FLV Frosting LA Cream Cheese Icing OOO Vanilla Frosting OOO Vanilla… Continue Reading