HS Australian Chocolate

Hangsen is one of the most underrated flavoring companies out there, and their Australian Chocolate flavoring is a perfect example of this. An excellent Chocolate that’s slid under my radar for quite some time.

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Hangsen Pumpkin Pie (FlavorBook Entry Recipe)

¬†¬†Pumpkin Filling, Brown Sugar, Buttery Flaky CrustHangsen Pumpkin Pie is a flavoring that’s unlike any other pumpkin available. Most are flooded with cloves and nutmeg flavorings that demolish any type of subtley in a recipe. Hangsens is more a plain… Continue Reading

HS Pumpkin Pie

Flavor Profile: We’ve all been searching for the right pumpkin flavoring for quite some time now. All we’ve really had before this flavoring came out were the nutmeg/clove monstrosities of the Pumpkin Spice variety from TFA/FW/CAP. This one, luckily for us, is the real deal. It’s actual pumpkin, its subtleties and everything. It’s actually really… Continue Reading

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