(FA) Cookie

Flavor Profile: This is one of the first flavorings that I purchased that really allowed me to take my mixing to the next level. FA Cookie is best described as a plain sugar cookie, slightly over baked, that's grainy, slightly… Continue Reading

(FW) Graham Cracker

Flavor Profile: There are a lot of Graham Cracker flavorings out there in the market today. I think almost every major flavor vendor has their own type of Graham Cracker they sell. CAP's is very much on the cinnamon style, TFA's… Continue Reading

(TFA) Graham Cracker + Clear

This is one of the most popular flavors out there, and I don't really know why. I guess because of the Cheesecake Graham, StrawRipe, Cream phase, people really wanted to grab this stuff to further that lacking cookie flavor. And… Continue Reading