Flavor Talk: Graham Cracker Showdown (TFA/FW/CAP/FLV)

TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) TFA Graham Cracker Clear’s full analysis is in the FlavorBook for members who want a more in-depth look. This flavoring to me is such a great, versatile, flavoring, but not the best graham cracker. It contains… Continue Reading

FA Cookie

Flavor Profile: This is one of the first flavorings that I purchased that really allowed me to take my mixing to the next level. FA Cookie is best described as a plain sugar cookie, slightly over baked, that’s grainy, slightly sweet, and has a nice weight that suits it well. One thing that needs to be said is the type of cookie this flavoring emulates. It’s NOT a doughy sugar cookie like what CAP Sugar Cookie emulates. This one is… Continue Reading

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FW Graham Cracker

Flavor Profile: There are a lot of Graham Cracker flavorings out there in the market today. I think almost every major flavor vendor has their own type of Graham Cracker they sell. CAP’s is very much on the cinnamon style, TFA’s is more like a pie crust flavor, and FW’s Graham Cracker is much more on the cookie end. And in terms of cookie flavorings, this flavoring is often left out. Maybe it’s just not as popular, or maybe because FW… Continue Reading

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Triple C’s – Caramel Cream Cake

 Creamy, Carmel’y, CakeySo it’s been a while since I have tried my hand at an original profile. I’ve been really into caramels and RY4 type flavors lately, but my heart still grows fond for a good ol’ cake recipe. This… Continue Reading

The Real: Strawberry Cheesecake (REREREMIIXXXX)

BRANDFLAVORING%CAPNew York Cheesecake6%CAPSweet Cream1%CAPSweet Strawberry2%TFAStrawberry (RIPE)3%TFAGraham Cracker (Clear)1.5% Sucralose (Sweetener)1.5%MIX AT(MAX VG) or 70VG30PGSTEEPSHORTSHAKE & VAPE AUTHENTIC NY VANILLA BEAN CHEESECAKE WITH SWEET STRAWBERRY SYRUP AND EXTRA GRAHAM COOKIE CRUST The Real is an ejuice company who’s main focus is overly sweet… Continue Reading

TFA Graham Cracker Clear

This is one of the most popular flavors out there, and I don’t really know why. I guess because of the Cheesecake Graham, StrawRipe, Cream phase, people really wanted to grab this stuff to further that lacking cookie flavor. And although in that situation this flavoring works well, I haven’t really found much of a use for it. I’ve been using it for years as well, and in most bakeries I try to add some of this in there. Maybe… Continue Reading

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