My Favorite Peach

Flavorah’s new line of flavorings are all excellent, however this one continues to stand out from the rest. The best Peach in DIY Mixing?

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FLV Lemonade

FLV Lemonade is a deliciously bright and tart beverage that stays true to its roots. If you’re looking for a great balance between natural lemonade, and sweet lemonade mix, this is it.

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FLV Vanilla Pudding

Flavorah’s Vanilla Pudding has hit the Flavorbook. It’s a great, silky smooth pudding that has a lot of versatility. Check out my full review here.

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FLV Yeast Infection?

Flavorah has a big stinker in their lineup, and it’s FLV Donuts. In this clip, the Noted Crew and Rin Vapes talk about how disgusting this flavoring is, how difficult it is to work with, and similar…things…it tastes like. Check out the clip here. Continue Reading

FLV Moscato

Moscato is a specific type of Italian wine, that borders more on the sweeter, bubbly side. Think more along the lines of champagne, but with specific Italian grapes called Muscat grapes. It’s known as a dessert wine due to its light, sweet nature. Flavorah does their best at emulating this, and for the most part, they’ve succeeded. Flavor Profile: FLV Moscato excited me when I first tried it. It’s a semi-white grape flavor, with a specific brightness that beautifully touches upon… Continue Reading

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FLV Cookie Dough

Flavor Profile: Cookie Dough is a profile I’ve been hunting for some time. I talk about it  extensively in the latest release of Obsidian, so check it out for more info on finding that profile as well as a great example recipe. But there are a lot of notes within cookie dough that makes it so distinct. One being that buttery, floury, sugary body. Nailing that is crucial to getting the right cookie dough flavor profile. And with FLV’s offering, they… Continue Reading

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