FlavourArt…Ists – The Shaun Casey & Richard Hong Interview

In this video I sit down with CEO of FlavourArt North America Shaun Casey and Vice President Richard Hong to chat about how FlavourArt North America came to be, their humble beginnings, the trials and tribulations of growing a company in a vast new industry, and the criticisms they’ve received along the way. Check out the full video here! Continue Reading

FlavourArt’s Custard Premium is GOLD (Hard to Get, Yet Very Valuable)

The much hyped, hard to obtain, FlavourArt Premium Custard, has finally made its way from the UK to the DIYorDIE HQ. Is this flavoring worth the trouble of hunting down? Find out what I think about this flavoring, some great recipes to use it with, and how I was able to get it. Continue Reading

FA White Peach

Flavor Profile: FA’s White Peach is the only other peach flavoring they offer, if you don’t count their Apricot flavoring (which is not a peach). Interestingly enough, many other flavoring companies contain multiple peaches, all with their own distinct tastes. This is part of the reason why FA’s White Peach is a bit disappointing. It’s just not that unique. The flavor is much like an authentic peach, with its brightness and sweetness all up front, followed through with a lightly… Continue Reading

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FA New York Cheesecake

When FlavourArt dropped their newest flavorings, I was actually quite excited seeing the types of profiles they were going after. New York Cheesecake was amongst them. Finally going back to “basic” profiles, or so I thought. Then I realized this wasn’t just a cheesecake, but one with strawberry. Is it good enough, and useful enough, to purchase? Flavor Profile: In my opinion, the king of the cheesecake is CAP’s New York Cheesecake. It’s a simple vanilla bean cheesecake, with excellent… Continue Reading

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FA Juicy Strawberry

Flavor Profile: There was a lot of hype leading up to the release of this flavoring. Beta testers were singing its praises, some saying it’s the be-all-end-all strawberry flavor. The general consensus was that it was the perfect blend of TFA Strawberry and CAP Sweet Strawberry. But does the flavor live up to all this praise? Well, I’m not sure, but I can say that it’s pretty damn good. What I get is more of TFA Strawberry Ripe, blended with… Continue Reading

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FA Vienna Cream

Flavor Profile: Vienna Cream is a delicious topping that I’m sure many have had even if they didn’t know it. It’s essentially just a buttercream icing. It’s got a richness about it that both incorporates the dairy as well as vanilla. And it’s sweet, meant as a topping for cakes and cupcakes. FA’s Vienna Cream does a damn good job of recreating this in its flavor. It’s a simple whipped cream like flavoring with some more emphasis on vanilla and… Continue Reading

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FA Fuji

Flavor Profile: To be honest, this is an entry that should’ve been added a long time ago. Before I even go any further, I just want to say that this is a must have flavoring. When just talking about what it tastes like, I liken it to a more artificial, or candied Fuji apple. The way it nails that defining characteristic that makes a Fuji Apple what it is, is the best part about the flavoring. It’s sweet in such… Continue Reading

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FA Blood Orange

Flavor Profile: One of my all-time favorite oranges comes from FA, and it’s their FA Mandarin. It’s a beautiful flavor that’s pleasantly sweet and charming, as well as accurate. I was hoping that FA Blood Orange would be a more “deep” blood orange variant. While it’s a good flavoring, it’s a bit similar, meaning it’s a bit inaccurate. So let’s talk about what’s wrong with the flavoring first. To me, it’s more of just a regular orange flavor. Almost clementine… Continue Reading

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FA Butterscotch

Flavor Profile: FlavourArt is a company that does a really great job putting together flavorings that work well in vapor. And FA Butterscotch is no exception. I’m surprised at how nice the flavor is. It does nail that butterscotch flavor, but a different type of butterscotch, and not the thick velvety butterscotch we’ve all been looking for. I liken this more to a sharper, more thin butterscotch. One that comes in those pump coffee flavoring things. It’s almost like a butterscotch… Continue Reading

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