MixTips: Juicier Vapes, StixxMixx NETs, New LiquidBarn Premixes

  MixTips (1/9/17) StixxMixx NET’s Ty Edwards, a supporter, fan, and friend of the DIYorDIE sent over a huge box of his acclaimed N.E.T.s or naturally extracted tobaccos. With these NETs are also a few coffee extracted flavorings. I’ve heard… Continue Reading

Extracted: Ep. 4 – Critiques & Criticisms (Members Only)

To listen press play What’s in this episode? In this episode we talk about critiques, and criticisms, and how they can positively affect your work. We dive deep into why criticisms matter, why you shouldn’t get defensive about them, and how the person giving the criticism is the most important part. We then talk more about specific mixing criticisms and how to utilize them in your recipes.     All instrumentals and beats produced by Chuki http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic If you like Extracted and want… Continue Reading

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Scary Sucralose (Advanced DIY)

A Bad Rep Sucralose and sweeteners have gotten a bad rep over the years of vaping. The reason being is the extreme over use of the compound in almost every eliquid released. Time after time I’ll pick up a bottle of eliquid at a B&M, and it’s completely destroyed with tons of sucralose. I mean, it’s nearly 90% of the time. So I understand the backlash against the compound for those that mix their own. As a matter of fact,… Continue Reading

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Understanding Criticism (Advanced DIY Mixing Tips)

BETA Mixing Now that mixing has grown into more of a sport, where mixers are constantly putting out amazing recipes to try and get their peers to take note of their skills, things have slightly changed. Back in the hayday of DIY mixing, many people mixed solely for themselves. Mixing for yourself, criticism doesn’t really matter and whatever you like, you like, and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying any recipe in the world. This style of mixing, while absolutely… Continue Reading

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Flavor Talk: Favorite Cookie Flavorings

Buy these flavoring here:TFA Graham Cracker Clear – http://www.bullcityvapor.com/graham-cracker-clear-tfa/INW Biscuit – http://www.bullcityvapor.com/biscuit-concentrate-inw/FA Cookie – http://www.bullcityvapor.com/cookie-fa/CAP Sugar Cookie – http://www.bullcityvapor.com/sugar-cookie-cap/