Flavorah Malone by Borninfire138 (Iced!)

A new recipe that was released by Borninfire aims to improve my recipe Water Malone by utilizing Green Apple, Cantaloupe, and Cool Menthol to add some extra flavor and some Ice! If you’re a fan of Water Malone, but always wanted to try it in a more “icy” way, this is an awesome alternative! Continue Reading

Corn Bread SHOWDOWN; 2019 Resolutions

In my first video back for 2019, I talk about some of my new year resolutions, and what you can expect from DIYorDIE this year. And then I do a recipe showdown between two awesome mixers and their “Corn Bread Puddin'” remixes. Make sure to click here to view the video and their recipes. Continue Reading

Mixer’s Spotlight: APEXIFIED – The Man With A Thousand Flavors by ID10-T

Apexifed is a mixer most widely known in the DIY community for his quick wit, sage advice, massive collection of flavors, and sweet, sweet battlestation.   “I wanted to be able to make all the things. Literally.”(Dave) When did you first… Continue Reading

Suicide Bunny: Derailed REMIX by TheJuiceFairy #REMIXMONTH

Derailed Remix (Suicide Bunny) by TheJuiceFairyBRANDFLAVORING%TFABanana Cream5%FWButterscotch0.5%CAPCinnamon Danish Swirl3%TFAMeringue2%TFARice Crunchies0.5%TFAVanilla Custard5%MIX AT70VG30PGSTEEPLong2 Wks    CLICK HEREfor allTheJuiceFairy’s Recipes