TFA Caramel Cappuccino

Flavor Profile: Without a doubt, one of the best and most vivid coffees that are out. But beware, this flavoring is difficult to work with. Speaking on flavor, I get a creamy almost “dunkin donuts” like coffee, where the roast is a bit nutty and light. I don’t get too much of that burnt flavor, which is a great thing, though if you’re a fan of black coffee, this won’t be your cup of tea…erhmm coffee. There’s no grit, no earth,… Continue Reading

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JF Coffee

Testing Setup: Tested at 2% Narda RDA single coil 24 AWG 0.6ohms@40 watts 2 weeks steep Flavor Profile: For a coffee flavour, Jungle Flavours have done a pretty decent job here in creating the impossible. If you strive for that coffee aroma this is fitting. It does the job to its best abilities. I’m not going to say this is perfect, but in a recipe, this is fitting if you enjoy coffee profiles. It’s best described as a filtered style coffee… Continue Reading

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Flavor Profile: Coffee…ok, coffee is a touch one. When people go for a coffee vape, they either expect a nice rich dark bean roast reminiscent of a cocoa like flavor, that’s slightly bitter and would pair well with an IPA or a thick Stout. Or they expect a light bean style, with a cream and two sugars. Those two flavors are extremely different from eachother. Now the type of coffee I enjoy is the creamier, rich, and more flavorful coffee, with… Continue Reading

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Bluenuts – A Sequel to Bronuts

BrandFlavoring%FLVBlueberry Muffin4%FLVButterscotch2%FABilberry0.5%FATorrone0.5%FACookie1.5%MIX70Vg30PGSTEEPSHORTOVERNIGHT Bluenuts: A Blueberry & Lemon Zest DoughnutThe “sequel” to the infamous Bronuts recipe. This is a very full and satisfying Blueberry Doughnut flavor, with a touch of Lemon and Nougat on the end. It is a PERFECT vape… Continue Reading