The Best Flavorings Ever (Pt. 1) – E-liquid Flavoring Reviews So before we begin I think it’s a good idea to talk about how I judge what a “Best Flavor Ever” entails, because to me, it’s more than just tasting really nice. I think the best flavor ever needs… Continue Reading

2016 Buyer’s Guide: Best DIY Trends

Top DIY Trends of 2016 This was such an amazing year for DIY. Anyone who was mixing in the year of 2016 had a plethora of not only recipes to vape, but TONS of awesome content and TONS of great research and flavor notes. Seeing the DIY scene grow to what it is today, seeing DIY reach the mainstream at ECC, seeing DIY take the top charts on media, it was a beautiful thing. And everyone who actively participates in… Continue Reading

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2016 Buyer’s Guide: Mods

The Top Mods of 2016  Next we move on to the DIYorDIE Team’s favorite mods of 2016. I do want to note that 2016 was a great year for mods. It finally seems that the vapor industry has cut out all the crap and nonsense that used to fill the industry in prior years. A good looking device with a great chip and a nice form factor is all that’s really needed. A few years back, it seemed as if… Continue Reading

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