CAP Berry Cooler

Capella’s Berry Cooler brings a ton of berries together, a big splash of ice, with a light licorice note on the finish. Check out my full thoughts, and look at my recipe using it here.

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TFA Strawberry Ripe

One of my favorite ingredients of all time. People have many mixed views on this flavor. Some love it, some think it’s ok, and some hate it. But with this particular flavor, it’s the way you perceive it which makes it interesting. This is unlike any other strawberry flavoring, for one simple fact. There is a creaminess that comes with this flavoring that doesn’t come with any other strawberries. This creaminess is what makes it my favorite to use.  SOLO:… Continue Reading

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CAP Sweet Strawberry

An artificial strawberry flavor. I like to think of it like the sweet strawberry syrup by Hershey’s. This candy flavor profile is the reason why so many people enjoy using it. It has a ton of sweetness along with it, and a much different sweetness than TFA Straw Ripe. This is as if it has an inherent sweetness, meaning it’s sweet because it was made to be. It doesn’t have that white sugar, sucralose type sweetness that comes with Straw… Continue Reading

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FLV Strawberry

A more interesting and unorthodox strawberry flavor. The flavor profile on this is one that is widely more unique than the others. FLV has been impressing me more and more with it’s flavorings the more I use them. These super concentrated and amazingly vaped ingredients makes using them in recipes like a breath of fresh air. Thinking outside of the box rather than being traditional. And their strawberry offering is a great example of this.  SOLO: 3 – 4% MIX: 0.5 -… Continue Reading

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FA Bilberry

One of the best and most authentic blueberry flavorings available on the market. A really interesting display of flavor, where the authenticity really makes for such an enjoyable experience. As for blueberries, you can’t really get much better than this, and the fact it’s modeled off the European Bilberry, really adds to the complexity. A solo and a great mix. This flavoring is such a pleasure to use, especially if you’re a fan of blueberries or any other dark fruits.… Continue Reading

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Let’s Mix: Misty – A Mixed Berry Juice / Candy Recipe

MISTYBRANDFLAVORING%FLVBoysenberry3 – 4%FAFuji Apple2 – 3%INWShisha Strawberry4 – 5%FAMarshmallow1%(Optional)Sucralose1%MIX AT70VG30PGSTEEP TIME NONESHAKE & VAPE    A Super Sweet and Super Satisfying Mixed Berry Recipe That Takes You Back to Playgrounds and LunchboxesThe inspiration for this recipe was a Ssips Mixed Berry… Continue Reading