Should You Leave Your Steep Alone? Or Can You Vape Through a Steep?

In this video and article, I try to find out if its best to mix your ejuice and avoid touching it for its entire steep, or if its ok to vape from your e-liquid while it steeps. The answer may surprise you! Check it out here. Continue Reading

TFA Cranberry

Flavor Profile: Cranberry is a flavor that is often overlooked. If we look at the entire Cranberry library available to us in DIY, we’d find that one, there aren’t that many, and two, there are even less that are actually good. So where does TFA’s cranberry offering sit? Well to me, it’s one of the… Continue Reading

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Developing the Skeletons [ Concept to Concentrate ]

Skeleton Blueprints In the previous episode of Concept to Concentrate – which if you haven’t seen it click here – we were looking around for inspiration for our new recipe. We landed upon a movie called Good Time, which featured… Continue Reading

3 Fall Time Bakery Bases

This article will outline a couple, simple, yet very effective and easily tweaked, bakery bases, that you can use to cover the edges of all your bakery DIY E-liquid Recipes.

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The Creamy Spectrum – Creams from Thin to Thick

Creaminess is something that so many mixers desire in their recipes. The profile blends both flavor and mouthfeel seamless together creating a velvety and easy-going experience, perfect for all-day vapes. This opulent style of vaping leads it to be extremely popular. Another reason why creams are popular though, is because they’re quite easy to make.… Continue Reading

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How to Add Chewiness in E-Liquid

Adding chewiness into your DIY E-liquid Recipes is something that can really add to the vaping experience. This article shows you the best flavorings, enhancers, and techniques you can use to obtain this attribute!

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This has been a particular hot few weeks here in Philadelphia. Of course, one of the main things I like to do is mix depending on the season and subsequently, the current weather. So of course, with it being hot and muggy, I’ve been leaning more towards refreshing flavors and profiles. A thick hot custard… Continue Reading

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Balance in E-liquid Recipes

The definition of balance states “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” Balance is the key to life. But more importantly, balance is a very key part of e-liquid mixing. It’s the difference between a good and a great recipe. But when it comes to flavor, sometimes It’s much… Continue Reading

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