MIXING-101 (Comprehensive E-liquid Mixing Class)


Do you want to enter the vaping industry as an e-liquid vendor, but have never mixed an ejuice? Are you a small (or big) company looking to diversify your e-liquid menu? Are you a DIYer but are having trouble nailing a recipe down? Are you a vaper that loves a certain juice and don’t want to pay their premium price anymore? Are you a vaper looking to get into mixing your own ejuice, but don’t know where to start? If you are asking any of those questions, then let me help you.  

For a $150 you will sit down one on one with Wayne, the world’s leading e-liquid mixologist, to cater towards your specific needs and have any of your e-liquid questions and concerns answered. There is no question, no issue, no situation that will leave unanswered. Learn from the best and gain the necessary skills and techniques needed to mix the best and most delicious e-liquid on the planet. Check below for more details. 

Have you ever wanted to sit down with one of the world’s best e-liquid mixologists? Well now you can.


Only 4 left in stock (can be backordered)


A chat with the world’s best…

Purchasing this service gives you 1 1/2 hours with Wayne Walker, creator and owner of DIYORDIEVaping.com and DIYorDIE on Youtube, InTheMix Magazine & Podcast, FoggyGamersTV, e-liquid mixologist to dozens of major e-liquid manufactuerers, one of the world’s best e-liquid consultants, and creator of the critically acclaimed [ENYAWREKLAW] recipes such as Bronuts, Rhodonite, Funfetti and much much more.

After payment Wayne will personally contact you via email to set up a date where you will Video Skype One-on-One with eachother and you will partake in Wayne’s intensive mixing class. There Wayne will have an entire itnerary planned for you to help ensure you can mix anything you want, anytime you want to. You can also ask any questions about mixing and e-liquid mixology that your heart desires.

Do you want to learn how to mix e-liquids from one of the best? Do you have recipes you would want Wayne to check out and critique? Are you an up-and-coming vendor that needs consulting for your recipes? Are you a DIY Mixer that wants to learn the way Wayne mixes and tests flavors? Or are you a mixer who wants to throw mixology ideas between yourself and Wayne? This is the best way to get your questions answered. Wayne will give you the most comprehensive class you could ever have with a professional mixer and make sure that at the end of the meeting any questions, ideas, recipes, and thoughts you have will be thoroughly addressed.

This service is limited to only 10 spots at a time. Purchase this service today to ensure you get a spot with one of the most innovative, technical, and contributing mixers in vaping.

*REFUND POLICY: Because of the demand and nature of this service, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS whatsoever after the purchase of this service. You will not receive a refund if you cancel your meeting, if you miss your meeting, if you do not respond to the confirmation and meeting setting email, nor if you feel the meeting wasn’t sufficient or satisfactory. Again this is all due to the nature of the service. It is your responsibility to be aware of this policy before purchasing this service.*

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