InTheMix Magazine: The Full Collection (Oct 2015 – Sep 2016)


With over 600 pages of DIY e-liquid mixing content contained within the “Full Collection” of InTheMix Magazine, you’re purchasing, by far, the most detailed, most in-depth, and the most comprehensive collections of information in the scene today.

The Full Collection contains articles from October 2015, till today, and features articles about DIY eliquid techniques from the best mixers in the world. It also features articles about the best flavorings to purchase and why, extensive flavor reviews, you get the 2015 nicotine buyers guide, you get information about art and culture and how best to utilize that in your work, and you get tons of other articles detailing the news and drama that happened within the scene during that period. Without a doubt, the full collection will keep you entertained and informed for a long time. Head down below for more details.



The Most Comprehensive Collection of DIY E-liquid Mixing Content…Ever Produced.

InTheMix Magazine was first started in October 2015. It was the first ever weekly e-zine strictly for the DIY Eliquid mixing community hosted right here on The community has always had information given to them in the form of blog posts, forums, friends and family. But it has never seen an entire media company put its sole focus into providing content just for them. That is until InTheMix Magazine started. When it first launched it was easy to see that the mixing community was hungry for this kind of content with a whopping 500 orders right on launch. Since then it’s grown to be a valuable resource for every mixer out there and has helped many mixers today get to where they are with their skills.

What’s in the “Full Collection?”

The full collection encompasses every issue that has been released from October, 2015 till October, 2016. Every single issue, every single article, every single word. The combined total of pages within the full collection is upwards of 600 pages. That makes the Full Collection the largest and most comprehensive piece of work ever, on the topic of eliquid mixing and DIY vaping. If you’re a new mixer looking to research on how to mix, or your an advanced mixer looking to pick up new techniques, the full collection is sure to cover everything. Nothing is left out.

How do I purchase?

Click purchase right there on the side and that will take you to check out. Once purchased, head over to the top of the page where you will see “MY ACCOUNT”. Click that, and scroll down till you see DOWNLOADS and click that. In there will house your link for your full collection. Once you’ve downloaded your full collection, you’ll have to extract the folder, and inside are each month with their articles inside.

How do I read InTheMix Magazine?

You can view each article on your PC or mobile device with the PDF format. Be sure to have the correct PDF software to view (Google Chrome opens PDF’s if you don’t have dedicated software). There are also EPUB files which you can import into your favorite eReader like your Kindle, iPad, or Nook.



NOTE: You are limited to only 3 downloads. Please be sure to download to YOUR OWN storage. DIYorDIE will not be responsible if you lose your content or accidentally delete your issues. Also, you must download your purchase within 30 days, before the download expires and you will have to purchase again. Because of the nature of the product, there are absolutely no refunds. I repeat, because of the nature of this product, there are absolutely no refunds.



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