Presence, Dynamic Range & The Loudness Wars (Advanced DIY E-liquid Tips)

E-liquid is an interesting medium, and it’s something I bring up all the time. It’s a brand new artform that’s been completely invented by people who were using a specific technology. As soon as vaping was introduced into the world,… Continue Reading

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Recipe Pricing Guidelines

So there are a bunch of you who have taken your mixing to another level. A level of monetary gain and commerce. You’ve attained the skills required to craft wonderful recipes, but also marketed yourself in a way to catch… Continue Reading

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MixTips: Juicier Vapes, StixxMixx NETs, New LiquidBarn Premixes

  MixTips (1/9/17) StixxMixx NET’s Ty Edwards, a supporter, fan, and friend of the DIYorDIE sent over a huge box of his acclaimed N.E.T.s or naturally extracted tobaccos. With these NETs are also a few coffee extracted flavorings. I’ve heard… Continue Reading


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