MIXXED! : The Beginner Blending Podcast Mixing Competition





Round 1:
Apple Strawberry Roll

Round 2:

Donkey Kong's Secret

Round 3:

Pears Under Palms

Winning with a huge Round 1 and Round 2 where both rounds were completely dominated, but things got a little rocky after a bit of a soft round 3, Agathodaemon was able to pull through with a win in Beginner Blending's the first ever MIXXED! Competition. A much deserving win after an intensely long contest. 



Welcome to the first annual Beginner Blending mixing competition!

This contest was built to push your ability as a mixer, teach you to adapt, and help your learn about flavor ratios.

We are proud to announce All The Flavors and E-Cig Express as official sponsors for our contest. They will be helping facilitate prizes for the winners.


You will be judged on three criteria points for each round:

  1. The Basket Ingredients - You must use all basket ingredients assigned to you. They must be present and noticeable in your final product. These should be the showcased flavors of your juice.
  2. Presentation - You must include a description with your juice detailing what your were aiming for, how it turned out, and what we should expect when vaping your juice. Does your description match what the judges experienced?
  3. Is it good? - Very simply put, is this something I would want to continue vaping. Would the judges add it to their weekly rotation? Did you utilize the best additional ingredients possible to elevate your juice from good to great?

Leaving out a piece of the criteria will not be an automatic disqualification, but it will be weighed very heavily against you at the discretion of the judges.

Each round will consist of a designated list of basket ingredients that must be present in your juice. You can use any flavor, up to the max number of allowed flavors for the round, from the vendors listed below to help augment your final product.

  • Capella
  • The Flavor Apprentice
  • Flavor Art
  • Flavor West
  • Flavorah
  • Jungle Flavors

While not forbidden, you are highly encouraged to not use flavors containing fructose.

Sweeteners, including Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Sucralose, and Erythritol, will be considered free ingredients and do not count against your additional flavor total.



All submissions must be made to All The Flavors. You can use a free membership to submit your recipe if you do not already have one.

To submit your recipe, on Alltheflavors.com, click the Trophy Icon once you've input your recipe.

(1) Entry per contestant!





All participants and contestants must be 18 years of age or older. Alaska, Alabama, & New Jersey contestants must be 19 years or older and California & New York contestants must be 21 years or older to participate. You must present a state issued ID in order to receive any prize winnings. Any contestants underage will be disqualified and removed from the website completely. Also, any use of nicotine or e-cigarettes are at the discretion of the participant/user and is not recommended nor encouraged by DIYorDIE, InTheMix, Beginner Blending, or Walker Vapor Group in any way.