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Tuesday: Mr. Hardwicks Radio Show w/ Joel Assaisky 

Wednesday: Extracted (Members Only

Thursday: InTheMix Podcast with Wayne, Skiddlz, & Manson - LIVE 9:30pm EST

Sunday: MixLife w/ Kopel, Clayton, Atom, and Concrete River - LIVE 6:00 EST


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InTheMix Podcast 

Are you a vaper who is tired of the same old drabble about vaping? Are you a vaper who is becoming bored of the same kind of content coming out of the vaping industry? Are you a vaper who is unsatisfied with the consumerism within the community? Tired of boring reviewers all talking about the same boring products? Are you overall just getting bored with vaping?

Well then get ready to jump InTheMix

InTheMix is unlike any vaping show you have ever heard before. A show which brings on top members of the industry and is completely centered around the Do-It-Yourself mentality in vaping. If you mix you own eliquids, build your own mods, craft your own tips, anything that makes you a self sufficient vaper, you're going to absolutely love this show. Wayne Walker of DIYorDIE hosts a very NSFW discussion about all the top vaping news and articles from InTheMix Magazine. Cohost Dr.McLovens joins him to make sure that there is never a dull moment. This is a show completely driven by the community for the community. From this show you will learn how to navigate through all the bullshit in the vaping industry. You'll learn how to become completely self sufficient and never have to rely on a vendor ever again. You will learn how to stay one step ahead of all the regulations coming down. This is vaping on your own terms. 


Now get ready for the most important show in vaping. 

InTheMix Podcast airs every Thursday at 9:30pm EST. 

It is available through iTunes, StitcherAndroid, Any RSS Reader, and Mixcloud.


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