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InTheMix is vapings first, bi-weekly eMagazine made by DIYorDIE and other leading members of the DIY vaping community.

This magazine includes all of the vaping news you could want. Whether it be the latest drama from vendors, the latest news from advocacy, or the latest news on products. InTheMix will cover it.

From DIY mixing tips, recipes, and flavoring notes, to advocacy and legislation. Exclusive DIYorDIE content as well as coupons from vendors. Reviews for new products and juices to rants about the latest vaping controversies.

Also, YOU CAN WRITE FOR INTHEMIX. If you have anything that you think would be great for the magazine, and it doesn't have to be vaping related, you just have to head over to the contact page, click the appropriate subject, and past your submission. If I like what you wrote, I'll put it in the magazine, and if I CONTINUE to like what you're submitting, I'LL PAY YOU CA$H. I really want to give everyone a chance to be heard and to be recognized for their efforts. So if you have any awesome recipes, flavor notes, opinion pieces, reviews, previews, anything...send it over and get paid.

There is nothing that won't be covered in this magazine and you'll be able to get it all for a small monthly subscription of $3 a month.


Also, subscribers get a few perks

Access to the Full Flavorbook

First on giveaways

Discount on mixing classes (50%)

InTheMix aims to be the leading magazine in the vaping industry for community driven content and the DIY vaping mentality





With over 600 pages of DIY e-liquid mixing content contained within the “Full Collection” of InTheMix Magazine, you’re purchasing, by far, the most detailed, most in-depth, and the most comprehensive collections of information in the scene today.

The Full Collection contains articles from October 2015, till today, and features articles about DIY eliquid techniques from the best mixers in the world. It also features articles about the best flavorings to purchase and why, extensive flavor reviews, you get the 2015 nicotine buyers guide, you get information about art and culture and how best to utilize that in your work, and you get tons of other articles detailing the news and drama that happened within the scene during that period. Without a doubt, the full collection will keep you entertained and informed for a long time.

Click the image above to purchase the InTheMix Magazine: Full Collection.