What is DIYorDIE?

DIYorDIE is a project offshoot from Walker Vapor Group, in which its entire aim is to provide fun, easy to understand articles, podcast, videos, and research, dedicated towards the Do-it-Yourself Vaper, and the E-liquid Professional. As the leader in E-liquid Mixing for nearly 4 years now, there hasn't been a single platform with the amount of high quality content dedicated to this topic yet. Whether you're a beginner just starting to learn the language of mixing, or you're a professional looking for ways to improve your craft, DIYorDIE has been the standard in the industry for nearly half a decade.

Who is DIYorDIE?

DIYorDIE was started back in 2014 by Philadelphia native Wayne Walker, the owner and operator of Walker Vapor Group. It began as nothing more than a tiny project meant to provide help to those interested in the craft. In which it has quickly spawned into a YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers, a website that traffics in the hundreds of thousands monthly, an entire podcast network that has hosted almost a dozen shows, and a product range that stretches across 5 different continents.

How Can I Get in Touch?

If you have any questions on the content provided, or have any questions about your accounts email - [email protected]

If you want to reach Wayne regarding business, sponsorships, or advertising email - [email protected]

And if you'd like to send Wayne your recipe for judging or critiques email - [email protected] (long queue)

Please understand, due to the nature of DIYorDIE, it may take a bit of time for Wayne to reach back. We just ask you be patient as we like to be very thorough with each and every email.