TFA Sweet Raspberry

Flavor Profile: Raspberry has always been pretty much hit or miss in DIY. In fact, for the most part, they’re all a miss. TFA Sweet Raspberry is a very popular raspberry because it does pack some tolerable raspberry flavor, without introducing… Continue Reading

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Mango Yo La Tango (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

Mango Yo La Tango (Flavor Book Entry Recipe) by ENYAWREKLAW View Mix This is a tangy, mango recipe, fit with tropical fruits and candy sweetness. Made for "CAP Sweet Mango" Flavor Book Entry -> % Vendor Flavor 6% (CAP)… Continue Reading

CAP Sweet Mango

Capella’s Sweet Mango, much like a lot of their fruits, have been making their way a lot more into my mixes, the more I use them. As FLV’s Mango dominated recipes in 2017, many have left behind Capella’s offering. But… Continue Reading

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The Sorbet Secret: Easy Way to Sorbet

Sorbet’s are quite popular in vaping – especially lately – and now that spring is upon us, it’s the perfect time to make some sweet, refreshing, sorbet vapes. The problem is, it’s pretty difficult to get that profile to translate… Continue Reading

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(VT) Blueberry

Vape Train is a new flavoring company out of Australia, aka The Land Down Undah, aka The Upside Down, aka Poison Spider Land. I’ve been messing with these flavorings since I received them, and after a month or so, I’ve… Continue Reading

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Where’s the Carrot Cake Man? ; Let’s Mix: Easy Lime S’icle DIY E-liquid Recipe

Carrot Hunt In the first part of the video above, I get back to our flavor development hunt. If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, check out this video and you’ll understand. It’s been quite a while since I… Continue Reading