OOO Cream PG (Milky Undertone)

Flavor Profile: This is a flavoring that has gotten a lot of hype throughout the years. It’s often known as the “best plain milk flavoring available”, in which that quote is not my own. I picked some up quite a while ago, hopefully being able to finally grasp that elusive milk flavor. While this does… Continue Reading

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Hangsen Pumpkin Pie (FlavorBook Entry Recipe)

  Pumpkin Filling, Brown Sugar, Buttery Flaky CrustHangsen Pumpkin Pie is a flavoring that’s unlike any other pumpkin available. Most are flooded with cloves and nutmeg flavorings that demolish any type of subtley in a recipe. Hangsens is more a plain… Continue Reading

CAP Vanilla Cupcake

Flavor Profile: Cupcakes are one of the more popular profiles that we see in vaping. The Vanilla Cupcake is a staple in vaping, and it all stemmed from this ingredient. CAP Vanilla Cupcake is a nice sweet and thick yellow cake flavor, with somewhat of a vanilla frosting flavor that unfortunately does carry some off-notes,… Continue Reading

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Jackfruit Citri-Shake (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

  Jackfruit, Dragonfruit, Blood Orange, Citrus, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Bean.The Jackfruit is such a fun fruit to play with when creating exotic pairings. It holds so many accents from so many different fruits, such as pineapple, apple, mango, and banana; so… Continue Reading

CAP Sweet Guava

Flavor Profile: Guava often scares people off in it being a bit too “exotic” or too “foreign”. The fruit itself is juicy, sweet, blending the flavors of apple, strawberry, orange, and grapefruit, depending on the type of variety. CAP Sweet Guava does a great job of recreating the guava flavor, while also creating a more vivid… Continue Reading

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WF Peach Pie & Cream

Flavor Profile: Peach has always been a prominent flavor in vaping. There are tons of peaches out there, and for the most part, they all have a very similar flavor profile. A lot of them taste like the candied version of peach. One that tastes like the delicious peach rings you get at any mart. WF… Continue Reading

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