CAP Jelly Candy

Flavor Profile: The image on the bottle of CAP Jelly Candy seems to be generic Jujubes. These are very sweet and extremely artificial morsels of pure sugar that completely destroy your teeth and taste buds. Unfortunately, CAP’s Jelly Candy just doesn’t deliver. The flavor is a mix between lemon and lime flavorings completely covered in… Continue Reading

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Cereal Marshmallow Strawberry Milk (DIY Ejuice Recipe)

Sugary and Sweet Cereal Marshmallows sitting in a nice rich bowl of Strawberry MilkThis recipe has been in the works for quite sometime now. The first time I started to chase this flavor profile was when I first released Cereal… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORINGCONCENTRATIONFAMeringue2%FAFresh Cream0.5%FACaramel2%FWYellow Cake1%FWHazelnut1%TFABanana Cream1%TFAStrawberry Ripe3%TFABrown Sugar Extra0.75%TFAGraham Cracker (Clear)1.25%ADD Ethyl Maltol at 1% for more “sugar” or Acetyl Pyrazine at 1% for more “cereal”MIX AT 70VG // 30PGSTEEP TIME: LONG (1 WEEK MINIMUM)  The Sugary and Sweet Milk from the Bottom… Continue Reading


BRANDFLAVORCONCENTRATIONTFABerry Crunch5%TFABavarian Cream2%TFAHazelnut1%TFASweet Cream2%FAMeringue2%FACookie1%TFAAcetyl Pyrazine0.75%MIX AT 60VG // 40PGSTEEP TIME: LONG (1 week)PREFERRED TEMP: 400F  CLAPTON CRUNCH: A fresh bowl of sugary and original Cap’n Crunch Cereal, with fresh milkThis is a recipe I had stumbled upon when I was trying to create… Continue Reading