The Creamy Spectrum – Creams from Thin to Thick

Creaminess is something that so many mixers desire in their recipes. The profile blends both flavor and mouthfeel seamless together creating a velvety and easy-going experience, perfect for all-day vapes. This opulent style of vaping leads it to be extremely… Continue Reading

One Shot: Tips on How To Make it in the Concentrate Game

One-shots have become extremely popular since DIYorDIE first started to roll them out two years ago. Since then, the DIY community has found a way to monetize their recipes without the need of “traditional” methods. All while, still giving the… Continue Reading

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The Gary Riddle (Mr. Good Vape) Interview

[fvplayer src=”″] Good Vapes from Good Vape The interview of above is with one of the OG’s of the modern eliquid companies, Gary Riddle of Mr. Good Vape. In the interview I talk about how he got started with Good… Continue Reading

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