Live Mixing: Cotton Candy Grapes (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

Cotton Candy Grape Part 1:

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Cotton Candy Grape Part 2:

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If you missed the last two episodes of Live Mixing (remember, the new time for the show is 12pm EST on Fridays), you should definitely watch the replays above to see how I developed my “Cotton Candy Grape” recipe. The recipe is an attempt to recreate the famous Cotton Candy Grape from Grapery, and the final recipe does an excellent job of emulating it. What made this series so much fun was how the recipe was made. Going from the research, to the blueprinting, to the tweaking, to the flavor hunting, then finally the final recipe, was so enjoyable and a great learning experience. Definitely give this recipe a mix even if you haven’t tried the real Cotton Candy grapes, because the recipe is very flavorful, fun, and energetic (not too mention accurate).

Cotton Candy Grape V2 | Live Mixing 

Cotton Candy (Flavorah)3.00
Fuji Apple (FA)1.00
Grape, White (FA)0.50
Morning Mimosa (Flavorah)0.50
Peach, White (Pesca Bianca) (FA)0.50
Pear (FA)4.50
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50



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