Obsidian Gold Label – Official Release



I’m finally ready to release, officially, the Obsidian Gold label recipe. After thousands of iterations and years of tweaking, I’ve finally decided enough is enough and its time to just put the recipe out (I said this years ago when the beta was released). I mean, I started this journey in 2021 when I wanted to create a more “matured” version of Obsidian – one of my favorite recipes I’ve created. Yet here we are, 3 years later, gallons of VG and PG gone, and hundreds of dollars worth of ingredients used, the recipe is ready to be completed and put away.

Why Now?

The question I think on the mind, at least on my mind, is “why now”? What has led me to finally think its ready for release? Well its simple. It’s finally good enough. So when I started working on Obsidian Gold, I wanted to release a recipe that didn’t compromise at all. Many times when we make recipes, they’re never quite “perfect” and there’s always a little something here, or a little something there, that can make the recipe better. No one knows this better than me. But I did want to finally see what it took to 100% a recipe. Completion, perfection.

But I came to the realization that its just not possible…

It’s simply not possible to ever feel like a piece of work or a piece of art is “complete”. As humans, we just don’t have the capacity to know this, and it’s a devastating realization. Throughout the painstaking tweaking and ironing out small details over many years, its crushing to know its all for naught. It’s just an endless pursuit of a fleeting feeling, one that we literally aren’t capable of feeling. Now along the way I probably learned this lesson a while back, however my determination – or than stubbornness – persisted. But in the end, I failed. I don’t feel like Obsidian Gold is “perfect”. But that’s actually OK in the world of DIY mixing.

What I mean by this is that this recipe doesn’t need to be perfect – it just needs to have the potential to be. You see, this recipe is meant for you to mix. I want you to physically mix this and enjoy it. But “to mix” is a term that means you have full agency. So the recipe, much like a layer or a “stone”, can be tweaked and altered in ways that you find “potentially perfect”. I realized what made this recipe so amazing is that it holds up to changes and tweaks so well. Over the years of trying to make this recipe final, I was blind that the recipe needed constant tweaking if you wanted a true All Day Vape. No person wants the exact same thing all the time. What we want is something malleable that can meet our needs on any given day. And that’s where the recipe development took a change. Finally, I’ve found the goal and after a few more months of tweaking it now has “perfect potential”.


Flavor Profile

Thick caramel, molasses, and brown sugar mixed with light nutty tobacco, paired with oatmeal raisin cookie.

The Perfumer’s ApprenticeRY4 Double5.00%
The Perfumer’s ApprenticeDX Peanut Butter4.00%
FlavorahMild Tobacco1.75%
CapellaCustard Cake1.00%
FlavorahRaisin Rum0.75%
Flavor WestPie Crust0.50%
CapellaSuper Sweet0.50%

MIX AT: 60VG / 40PG



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