CAP 4U Blend (RY4 Flavor) First Impressions


RY4 is a staple in vaping that produces caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, bakery, and light tobacco notes providing a complex, yet easy to vape experience that so many enjoy. RY4 mainly coming from original Chinese flavoring companies during the first onset of e-cigs being developed. However, over time so many flavoring companies from all over the world started trying their hand at making one. Some of my favorites include The Perfumers Apprentice and Jungle Flavors, but companies like Flavorah and even FlavourArt have their own. One company has been missing, and it’s the biggest of them all…Capella. That changed with their newest flavoring release, with their addition of 4U Blend.

First Impressions:

Of course, I had to mix this up. I whipped this up in place of JF Ultimate RY4 in one my latest RY4 recipes, at 4% which I figured would be a good starting place. Other ingredients in the recipe included some cookie, some caramel, and another light tobacco along with some Super Sweet. After a few hours of steeping I dug in and here are my thoughts




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