How to Make E-liquid EASY (2024)

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A Simple Process

So you’re a vaper who, whether its from not having any shops in your area, or because of (failed) regulation, or because you just hate all the commercial e-liquid on the market, you’ve now have come to the world of making your OWN e-liquid. Well don’t fret, the process of making your own e-liquid, as I will show you here, is extremely simple. Not only that, it’s cost effective, versatile, and customizable, allowing you to vape any flavor you’d like, at any level, in any ratio. It’s simply put, the most efficient way to engage in your tobacco harm reduction journey away from cigarettes.

In the video above, I go over the few ingredients, supplies, and steps you need to make a delicious vape that you will enjoy. But best of all, you can take the things you’ve learned here and create your own e-liquids and flavors that will ensure you enjoy your vapes for a long, long time to come. Make sure to click the highlighted links to purchase what you need.


Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol:

Your vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (otherwise known as VG + PG) are the base of your e-liquid. This is what suspends the flavoring and active ingredient, as well as allowing the concotion to fully “vape”. These products are very easy to obtain and are affordable, which is a good thing considering most of your vape will consist of these ingredients.

Flavoring (DIYorDIE Stacio RY4U One Shot from FlavorJungle)

The next ingredient you’ll need is the flavoring. Now you can use many different flavorings like the ones I mention on this website, from FlavourArt or Flavorah. Or you can use the very easy to use One-Shots I’ve created which will give you an amazing flavor to vape, all in one ingredient. Making things extremely simple and efficient. Best of all, my One-Shots are competitively priced which means you’ll be saving the most amount of money by going with this option over purchasing anything on the market, or even trying to make your own full recipes.

Active Ingredient (Freebase Nicotine)

Next we have our “active ingredient”, which in the case for vaping will be Nicotine. There are many different types of nicotine, and I recommend you research on the types of nicotine are right for you, but in this tutorial I’ll be going over Freebase Nicotine which is the most standard nicotine you’ll see in e-liquids. You may also want to check out the legality of purchasing nicotine in your area, as in some countries or some states, it may be prohibited.

Sweetener (Optional)

Lastly, I want to mention sweetener. Many of my one-shots, like Stacio RY4U, contain sweetener already within them, making for much easier mixing. However, some do not. And if you’re looking to provide flavor similar to what you’d get at a vape shop, you’ll want to make sure you purchase some sucralose based sweetner as well. This ingredient really brings out much of the flavor and of course, sweetens, the mix.


Measuring Tool – LB-501 Scale

The LB-501 scale is the scale most mixers use in DIY vaping. This is because it measure to the 0.01g, it’s affordable, its rugged, and best of all reliable. Measuring using a scale ensures EXACT weights to be specified in your mix and also makes mixing almost clean up free. If for whatever reason you can’t use a scale, you can also opt to measure with volume by using pipettes or syringes. The e-liquid calculator we use gives you both values.

Refillable Bottles

You’ll obviously need to store and hold your e-liquid somewhere. Well Amazon is a great place to get a whole pack of bottles delivered in no-time at a great price. Remember that glass bottles are much easier to reuse than plastic, since they are easily washed and don’t hold on to flavor the way that plastic does. However plastic is more affordable, durable, and easier to travel with. It’s up to your preference.

Hand Milk Frother (Optional)

Using a milk frother or some type of mixing apparatus is optional. But for those who have joint issues or problems using their hands, this may be a must.

Calculator is the goto site for new mixers, as its very barebones and easy to use, as well as showcases the most recipes of any site. This is the e-liquid calculator I use in the video above.

Let’s Get Mixing!

Now that we have all of our ingredients and supplies, we can now put them all together and whip up some e-liquid! The video above showcases a step-by-step way to make your first batch of e-liquid. I’ll list the steps below, but I highly recommend watching the full video as it goes over things in more detail.

  1. Load up and press “Create a Recipe”
  2. Name the recipe
  3. in the “Amount” section, place the amount of e-liquid you want to make. In the video I use 30ml
  4. In the “Desired Strength” place the strength of nicotine you want in your mix. In the video I use 3mg, but feel free to place any value you want. Common values are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and for Salt Nicotine, 24mg, 36mg, 50mg.
  5. Input the desired VG/PG ratio you’d like. In the video I use 70VG 30PG, (value always equals 100%), but other common ratios are 60VG40PG, 50/50, and 80VG20PG. Remember that the higher the PG, the more saturated the flavor and the thinner the e-liquid, where higher VG is usually more voluminous the vape and softer the flavor.
  6. Input the Nicotine Strength you’re using. This will be indicated on the bottle of nicotine you purchased. In the video I chose 100mg
  7. Input the VG/PG content of the nicotine you’re using. Nicotine is usually sold as 100& PG or VG, however some nicotines will be a mixture of both. The nicotine I used was 100% PG.
  8. Press “Add Flavor”
  9. Input the flavoring “Stacio RY4U”
  10. For the “%”, look on the bottle of flavoring to determine the recommended value. For Stacio RY4U, the recommended value is 17%
  11. Scroll down and look at the values.
  12. We’re mixing by weight with a scale, so we need the GRAM values.
  13. Place bottle on scale and press “TARE”
  14. Pour in flavoring until it reaches the value stated. Once its reached the required value, press TARE and move on to the next ingredient
  15. Pour in Nicotine until value is reached, press TARE
  16. Pour in PG until value is reached, press TARE
  17. Pour in VG until value is reached
  18. Place cap on bottle, you can turn the scale off
  19. Shake the bottle vigorously, or use the mixer you have to fully homogenize the mixture.
  20. After a few minutes of mixing, you’re all ready to vape!
  21. (OPTIONAL STEP) Some e-liquids taste better after a “steep”. This just means giving some time for the mix to fully develop its flavors. While Stacio RY4U is deliciously right off a shake, it’s recommended you wait at least overnight before fully appreciating its flavor. Other recipes or flavors may require more time, but this is subjective.
  22. Enjoy the fruits of your labor

These are all the steps required to make your first e-liquid. It might seem a bit much at first, but after a few mixes, you’ll realize how simple and quick it really is. For example, I can mix a one-shot in less than 5 minutes. This means I can enjoy any flavor of vape I’d like in less than 5 minutes, cheaper than anything I can buy on the market, and customize it however I’d like. You don’t get this type of flexibility, versatility, and affordability anywhere in vaping.

If you’re a new mixer, I implore you to bookmark this website and subscribe to the DIYorDIE Vaping YouTube channel where you will get more tips on DIY mixing, as well as new recipes, new reviews, new articles and so much more. Be sure to also check out the DIYorDIE community over on Facebook and become part of the massive community of creatives here, where you can share your new mixes, ask questions, and even trade with other great mixers. I hope you enjoy your stay here.



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