Thanksgiving DIY E-liquid Recipe Recommendations

In keeping theme with my favorite holiday, I wanted to offer you some other great DIY recipes that you could use to pair with your meal. Remember, Thanksgiving is done differently around the country (sorry outside the USA people, learn to have good holidays). The dinner I’m referring to is the traditional heavy carb, fat, and protein dinner that includes turkey, mashed potatoes, veg slathered in butter, thick rich gravy, corn, cranberry, apple, and pumpkin. There are other dishes like bean casseroles that all fit in this dinner and are around the same flavor type. But dinners that do fish or steak are different enough where you’d want a different type of pairing. Anyways, here are some ideas.

Tobacco: So like the recipe I offered yesterday, tobacco works extremely well as an after dinner Thanksgiving pairing. The caramel, bakery, smokey, leathery, ashy notes of tobacco all pair up with almost everything offered at the dinner table. Even fruit tobaccos likes cherry, cranberry, blackberry, all will work great. I’d stay away from tobaccos that are focused too heavily on light nuance though, as our palates will be covered in fats and hard to taste anything with too much light nuance.

Apple: Obviously there will be some type of apple being served at the dinner table, and apple recipes will fit in perfectly. You can go for the more traditional red apple recipe, or go with the seasonal apple-cinnamon type recipe. Even going with a more tart green apple will be great as a sweet treat after a heavy meal. But I think Apple Buttah is a perfect pairing for this Thanksgiving and you should give it a try.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is my favorite fall profile as its just so nostalgic of a flavor profile, and you can only really vape it during the fall. It’s lightly sweet, heavy body works so well with bakeries, caramels, and harvest fruits. You can go the route I think most people will go with Pumpkin Pie which will work so well with dessert. Here’s my Pumpkin Pie recipe from Live Mixing that still holds up and tastes amazing. But you can also experiment a bit and try my Pumpkin Beer recipe where you’ll get more interesting flavor profiles and work as a better way to cut through your heavy dinner.

Cranberry: We can’t have a Thanksgiving list without cranberry of course. It’s tart, deep fruit flavor cuts through the heaviest of gravies and it’s also a great profile to vape with desserts filled with lost of cinnamons. One of my favorite recipes I’ve ever made is this Cranberry mix made for Thanksgiving.

Rootbeer / Cream Soda: What’s great about Rootbeer is that all you need is some FLV Rootbeer and some sweetener and you have a delicious mix that will pair nicely with dinner. However if you want something a bit more fleshed out try my Cream Soda recipe.

Vanilla: Lastly, of course we need some vanilla in our list. Vanilla will pair well with literally every single dish being offered at dinner, and also provide a nice, easy vape to sip on all night. Pairing up dinner with my Kings Custard One-Shot from Liquid Barn will give you rich vanilla custard and light butterscotch and caramel notes that will be hard to put down.



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