After Thanksgiving Dinner DIY E-liquid Recipe

My favorite holiday is amongst us. Eating tons of delicious carbs and fats, drinking overly complicated cocktails, watching football, and sleeping. The only thing that could make this holiday better is if we exchanged gifts with eachother….oh wait. Anyways, going to your family Thanksgiving day dinner without the right vape to accompany your food, will leave you feeling unsatiated. So let me help with that by providing a recipe I like to vape after mowing down some turkey and stuffing.

After Thanksgiving DinnerĀ 

Black Cherry for Pipe (INAWERA)0.75
Caramel (Caramello) (FA)1.00
Mild Tobacco (Flavorah)2.00
Pomegranate (TPA)0.25
RY4 Double (Flavor Jungle)3.00
Super Sweet (CAP)0.25
Sweet and Smokey Tobacco (Flavorah)2.00





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