SPLATURN *Pod Version*

SPLATURN *Pod Version* – [ Peach / Strawberry / Kiwi ] 

Cactus (Kaktus) (INAWERA)0.75
Golden Kiwi (Flavorah)2.00
Juicy Peach (CAP)3.25
Pearesto (Flavorah)0.75
Saturn Peach (Flavorah)5.00
Strawberry, Ripe (TPA)4.00
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50

Pod Update

The recipe above is the Pod version of the original Splaturn recipe. All of the dev notes on the original recipe remain, but there are some slight difference to this recipe to help it work better in a pod environment. First off is the addition of CAP Juicy Peach. In the pod, the peach does lose a bit of body in the mix and needs some help to become more present. I don’t want to raise the Saturn Peach too high, as it starts to become too sharp and off-putting, not too mention mute some of the other ingredients. So adding a bit of Juicy Peach helps this out. The other tweaks is just bumping up the total flavoring percentage. The reason for this, and how to do this, is mentioned in my Making DIY Pod Recipes series that you can check out.



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