SPLATURN – Peach / Strawberry / Kiwi Recipe

SPLATURN – [ Peach / Strawberry / Kiwi ] 

Cactus (Kaktus) (INAWERA)0.25
Golden Kiwi (Flavorah)1.00
Pearesto (Flavorah)0.25
Saturn Peach (Flavorah)3.00
Strawberry, Ripe (TPA)2.50
Super Sweet (CAP)0.25

This recipe aims to provide a juicy, sweet, fun, but also unique, flavor profile. Playing off of the amazing FLV Saturn Peach, I’ve blended together strawberry, kiwi, pear, and even cactus to create a fun succulent flavor on its own. While it’s simple, easy to vape, and easy to understand, there’s a level of complexity found in the layers of the fruits that keeps things fresh and interesting. And the juicy, succulent finish makes it hard to put down.




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