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Adding tartness to a recipe is something we’ve been doing for quite some time in DIY mixing. Tartness provides so much authenticity and tactility to a vape, that ignoring it produces subpar results in flavors where you expect it to be there. The problem with tartness is how it interacts with our palates. As we know, our TONGUES only produces 5 tastes. Sweet, sour, bitterness, saltiness, savoriness. Tart residing in the sour portion. But with vaping, 99% of what we “tastes” actually comes from our nose. Where the sweetener added is one of the only sensations that carry over to our tongues.

The problem comes with trying to bring sourness or tartness from the vapor, to our tongues. The ways I’ve taught people how to do this is by using flavorings with added tart properties, like Malic or Citric Acid, and loading your vape up with Sweetener. Because sucralose works so well at being carried through vapor to our tongues, we want to harness this ability and try to force some of those acids on to it as well. So seeing 2-3% CAP Super Sweet in a mix isn’t uncommon, especially amongst tart or sour profiles.

But unfortunately, because many of these flavorings aren’t meant to be used in this way and are more focused on how they work in a food or beverage, the effect doesn’t work as well as we want it to. We lose about 90% of the sourness in the process.

So this is why it’s exciting seeing Flavorah, a flavoring company with vaping-first roots, release an enhancer meant to specifically target Tartness. Maybe finally we can get some good tartness from our vape recipes.

Now, this is just an intro to this flavoring. I haven’t fully mixed with it yet – as there are so many things I want to try with it. But initially, in the mixes that I’ve used, I’m impressed. It’s citric nature and really sour base note does provide some of the best tartness I’ve had in an ingredient. While it brings some lemon / rind flavoring with it, at 0.5 – 1% it helps provide exactly what it says on the label. A sharp, face-first blast of tartness.

Something to note, it’s not sour. It’s specifically tart. So this is something you’ll want to keep in mind when working with it. Tartness being a shorter, more on the sides-of-the-mouth type experience. But man, I’m really excited to see how this works in providing even more vape experience to recipes that have a ton already.

Initial Test Recipe:

FLVTart Blast0.75%
CAPSweet Guava2.75%
CAPTangy Orange4%
CAPSuper Sweet0.75%


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  1. I like this flavor a lot! Having single FT’d it, I threw .30% into my Color Me Crazy recipe which was mb RB sherbet, premium raspberry, a bit of fizzy sherbet, a bit of plain ssa ice cream and a tiny bit of Cornish cream. It didn’t quite change the recipe but it I think it brought forth the citrus note some more in the sherbet, since I dulled it a little with the creams. Plus I boosted the sweetener. Great flavor, but I think ya have to play around with it or SFT it if someone’s new to it.

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