The Drip Feed

Drip it!

The Drip Feed is a new section of where I will post daily. That’s right. Every single (week)day a new post will be up to view on the Drip Feed. These posts will be easy to read and digest posts on what I’m working on, what I’m working with, how I’m working on and with them, and many other topics I think you’ll be interested in reading for the day.

The purpose of the Feed is to provide you a good incentive to view DIYorDIE daily. I would love for DIYorDIE to be apart of your daily news intake, and the Feed is one way I think I can do that. Previously, I’ve tried to do this in video form – but it’s proven to be too taxing and expensive for one man to provide that much content. In a medium that has so much intricacy and knowledge to be learned, it’s much easier to “drip-feed” that content out. And that’s what inspired me to provide this.

One thing needs to be said, however. The Drip Feed will remain only for DIYorDIE Mixer Members. Hey, I need to keep the lights on and in an industry that has seen some hard times as of last couple years, the membership has always allowed me to continue my work. So I appreciate anyone and everyone who spends their money and time with me – and to keep your content-hungry bellies at bay hopefully the Drip Feed will encourage you to stay, and help entice more to join.




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